Crackdown on the 360

I just finished one more round playing the Crackdown demo on the XBOX360. I just want to say that this game is going to be BIG!

The new Apple iPhone

I saw the Apple key note in CES 2007. I must say, it seems Mr. Jobs has never used Windows Mobile 5.0 device.

I mean the guy was all on reinventing the phone, and getting excited about synchronizing your contacts with your PC and typing with your finger and getting a little picture of whoever is calling, all of which the WM5 devices have been doing out of the box for a while now. Infact, my 3 yearold Pocket PC 2003 Phone Edition has been doing it for 3 years.

The only thing I can see that is really cool is the pinching thing for zooming in, and the accurate typing with the fingers on the tiny on-screen keyboard. And I am just assuming the latter. It could be that Steve Jobs has an accurate finger.

Discrimination in Dubai?

I doubt that what you are about to learn of here is legal in Dubai, or even socially accepted, but that didn't stop the company Afraa from posting a job opportunity blatantly excluding Muslims from the job.

Details Here at Naukri Gulf site.

This was there in the job post:

Only Army Ex-defence,
Age- 40 yrs Maximum,
Only Non-Muslim
Good height and Health
Know Basic English

Now I understand all of these items, except for the Non-Muslim one.

I could also, understand that some jobs may be better suited for non-Muslims like bar tending or so, but this is a security guard position in a Muslim country.

A SECURITY JOB. What? do they think we spontaneously combust?!

Any body else find this shocking?? I mean wouldn't this be absolutely horrid if it said Non-Blacks, Non-Arabs, Non-Christians, Non-Asians.

Whats next? May be we'll start seeing posts for a secretary job for whores only or an accounting position for Indians only? Or may be even worse, this has already been there but no one talks about it.

خمسة قيم أساسية و مستقبل حكومة البخيت

بعد قراءة هذا المقال المنشور في عمون  يبدو لي للأسف أن رئيس الوزراء مستمر في سياسات الحكومة الخاطئة ومنجر وراء الحاجة لارضاء الراي العام بدل...