Why Wi-Tribe may not be your best bet - UPDATED

UPDATED - Oct 28, 2008 - Here

I've been connected through Wi-Tribe during the past month and a half. And here is the verdict:
  • Coverage in my area was good, as long as the modem was near or outside a window. I live in Al-Jubeiha Area
  • Bandwidth was near the amount I paid for but always less
  • Torrent traffic is shaped, don't expect anything above 32KB
  • After forgetting a couple of torrents uploading at full speed for a few days, I found out that I was getting around 56kbps, about the same speed a quick dial up phone connection
  • If you reach around 20GB of total upload+download in a month, you will be dropped down to 128kbps, but you will be really getting around 56kbps

On support
  • Calling support is a hit and miss deal. Meaning that you may or may not get through
  • Getting through to support is a hit and miss deal. Meaning that you may or may not get help
  • In reality, I was always shown a caring attitude but never got any results
  • One funny thing. I called to complain about the speed, and the helpful representitive said she will take it up with the techincal department and call me back. A day later she calls back to inform me about a late invoice to tell me that the account will be disconnected.

All in all, I do not recommend wi-tribe. I'm switching to UMAX at the end of the billing period.

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