The rumor mill

I a new situation in my workplace occurred Thursday morning. I cannot discuss the details. But its the kind of situation where some people thrive in as they enjoy spreading the lies the they make in the form of rumors.

To them of course its just a mechanism whereby they can gather pieces of information from people. They would tell you a complete lie that they just made up in hopes that you would respond with some relevant information that was not previously known.

What they do not know however, is that some other people of their same sort would take those lies unknowingly and add some lip service into another crowd. Before you know it, the original source receives new information that is in reality their original lie deformed and updated by way of more lies and misinformation.

Everyone seems to have all on a reliable source. From now on, I will only listen to unreliable sources!

Stupid Vista broke my XP

I installed Vista RC1 on a separate drive in my machine that I use mainly for OS trials. All of my Linux distros, WinXP MCE and Vista trials go there.

When I logged into the pretty Vista and looked in "Computer". I found the drive that holds my Windows XP installation (my main OS) was empty, all 114GBs of it. Stupid Vista!

موعد في المدينة -- عمر الفرا

This is my way of responding to Tags. I will not directly answer a tag, but I will provide some interesting read and I will reference the person who sent the tag who is in this case TeaLover in this comment.

قصيدة للشاعر العبقري عمر الفرا

وبقيت منتظرا متلفتا قلقا
قد فات موعدها
وعقارب الساعه، تمشي على مهل
واقول في صمتي
هل من هنا تأتي ام من هنا تاتي
ولعلها نسيت
ولعلها شغلت
ولربما سخرت مني بموعدها
ولربما قصدت غدرا ولن تأتي
هل من هنا تأتي ام من هنا تأتي؟

ولمحتها والقلب جن وطار بي
هل ممكن ان لا تجيء لموعدي؟
يا ايها العقل الغبي؟!!
كم كان ظني سيئا
سأضمها وبلا عتاب. هل ها هنا وقت العتاب؟
سأذوب في احدابها
سأموت في اشواقها
فلقد يأست من الحياة بدونها
ولقد يأست من الغياب

وأفقت من حلمي!
لا، لاأظن، بل ممكن! لا مستحيل!
هل يهرب الإنسان من مقدوره؟
يا خيبتي، ليست هي!

وقفت بقربي ترقب المجهول مثلي
وتلفتت وتأوهت
والساعة الكسلى تمشي على مهل
مثلي انا، في وقفتي، في حسرتي
في لهفتي وتلفتي
وأظنها كانت تقول بسرها
هل من هنا يأتي، ام من هنا يأتي؟

How do you center? (I)

Difficult red

First off, this picture has nothing to do with the article, I just like it and thought you would like it too. Plus, the article is a little dry, so this should make it easier to bear.

I've always had a great deal of concern on this idea: "Does absolute right exist?" and if it does, how do you find it?

These questions always plagued me for as long as I can remember, and I know the events in my life that made me think about these things. By now, I've come up with my own theory regarding this, but let me first share the problem.

Ask any two people about their idea of right and wrong and you are more than likely to get two minimially overlapping answers, the common part being about general concepts of good, and morality and fairness. Get down to details and you start seeing even those overlapping ideas interpreted in differnet ways.

It gets more complex when you get to implementation detail of things that touch daily life of people in general.

A good example would be the issue of legistlating dress code in public places. You get liberals who say that dress code should be left to people to decide and each individual should be allowed to be vieled/unvieled wear tight/baggy clothes ...etc.

Sounds good. But what about people who would decide on going nude in public? Is it still their choice? If it is, then what about the people who get offended by that, and choose for themselves and their children a clothing line with more "coverage"? Is it their problem? Wouldn't that be unfair, or are they being unreasonable? If they are infact being reasonable for some universal rule of decency or offense, then how decent is decent? And how short a skurt (if short at all) before it becomes offensive?

Same question goes to the other group of liberals who would say from the start that legistlation sould be put to basically guarantee the satisfaction of the majority and avoid potentially "offensive" clothing. Democracy basically. Does it being democratic make it right?

On an opposite side, another group would be quick to detail neccesary clothing for men and women based on traditions, fashion or religion (not that I am comparing, I am a devout Muslim and realize that religion is at a higher level of authority and correctness).

And that's just one side of one issue. The Same argument applies to so many aspects of our lives, including morals and laws governing sexual liberty, gay rights, business transactions ... etc. Anything that two people can see from more than one angle.

On another layer, you would get religion, and again whats the right one? (again, I'm a Muslim by birth and choice, this is just me contemplating). With so many religions and cults and thought groups trying to pull you in everywhich way. How do you decide on whats right? This also includes the relgion of "No religion", whose followers are especially interesting because of the paradox that is at the core of their belief, athiesm and no miracles, and yet they believe something so amazingly impossible to believe that we are all here as a result of an accident that evolved ??? I digress, back to the subject.

People within the same religion group have also subgroups of religion and are always looking at people in the same groups as "not doing it the right way" or something else to that end.

Within those groups, you can witness hours of debate between people who are self-appointed experts on issues of the religion. Both of course quoting the holybook and other religious literature, for Muslims that would be Quram, Sunnah and knowledge about al Mathahib. Both self-appointed experts claiming to know exactly what the absolute "truth" is, and/or they know how to get there.

If you are not born with it written in your head, or revealed to you at somepoint in your life, how do you know you're on this right way or believe the absolute truth? is there a right way or an absolute truth?

I've lived the better part of concious life wondering about this, and how I dealt with this is what made me what I am, and for that epiphany, I am thankful.

To be continued in part II ....

Abdoun Bridge?

Is this called Abdoun Bridge?

I was surprised by the look of dowwar 3abdoun when I got there. It was the first time I see it empty and construction-ee like.

I found my self back in 2000, the trials of driving round and round the dowwar hoplessly trying to figure out the point why people do it. I could never do it, nor get it. I would eventually end up confused and a little nauseous from all the twirling, and sitting a coffee shop paying waaay too much for a double turkish.

*Why do people do that?* Neither myself nor a friend (AbuShreek) could tell, really.

Now about the bridge, I imagine it would be great once finished, and would take some load off of the 5th. I wonder if it would be finished by the time I go to Amman next summer.

More photos here

خمسة قيم أساسية و مستقبل حكومة البخيت

بعد قراءة هذا المقال المنشور في عمون  يبدو لي للأسف أن رئيس الوزراء مستمر في سياسات الحكومة الخاطئة ومنجر وراء الحاجة لارضاء الراي العام بدل...