Who is to blame?

I was having a conversation tonight during the sahrah at a friend's house about the validity of the position that the Government of Jordan has taken regarding the War on Lebanon.

A comment was made during that conversation that sparked a thought.

Who is to blame?

My friend said that the Jordanian people don't follow rules and get politically carried away easily and as a result should not be allowed to demonstrate and should be controlled *these words are me putting politely*.

When I look around, the people of Jordan do behave rather impolitely towards each other and do not obey the rules.

And the question here is who is to blame?

We are certainly not stupid by evidence of the academic achievements and intuitive solutions made by Jordanian companies and Jordanian students ...etc. So IQ is not really it.

I blame both the people and the government.

I blame the government because the law doesn't seem to apply to everyone, and not all of the law is applied.

To explain this, here is an example. You are driving down to dowwar il waha, and find your self waiting there for a while because its congested as usual. The policeman is standing right there, and people are jumping right into the traffic inside the roundabout without paying any attention to traffic priority let alone give way. And the police man is right there.

What happens there, besides the fact that the roundabout gets needlessly congested, is that the policeman is giving the wrong message to the public, and that message is "You should only follow the rules that you could get a ticket for".

This results in exactly that, people disregarding any rules of safety and mutual respect between drivers and only follow the rules for speed limit and wearing the seatbelt (only when they can see the police man).

I blame the people also for not following the rules. I mean you don't have to break the rules just because no one is watching or you know you will not be caught. What's more, is that even without those rules existing, where the *fireworks* did decency and respect go?? Why do you have to drive like a behind?

Of course, you can take this example and apply to various sector's in our daily lives.

And there seems to be a general consensus on the stupid stupid cliche of a saying "Rules are made to be broken" .... I mean WHAT THE!!??? NO rules are made to followed, not broken. I can't think of anything that actually gets made to be broken, except for may be plates in a greek wedding. Why is no one picking up on this??

The result of this chaos is not order as some other cliche claims. Its more chaos. If the respecful, respecting and law abiding citizen keep seeing everyone getting there way by not obeying the law or following the rules, it will accumulate to a point where this citizen would need to break the law just to get things done.

I call on all Jordanian people. Please, if you really need to break a law, be it at your work, or in the mall or while driving your car, please oh please just break a law that doesn't affect others. Speed in a road where only you are driving, get a wasta for something that doesn't need one, or taken barteel from and to yourself.

And the government. If you don't want to enforce the rules don't make them. A law without enforcement is totally useless. By not enforcing the law, you are responsible for thousands of people who are breaking the law because they just want to get by. Or as Dr. Phill would put it, you are enabling thier failure.

What is wrong with everyone?

I am new to the blogging communities like toot and Jordan planet. I need you all to tell me if that's "normal".

I traveled to Amman about 10 days ago and as I am staying in temp places, I couldn't find a steady net connection and was out of touch for a while.

I was completely convinced that everyone was like me and the people around me. Meaning, tuned-in to news channels all day, watching the news and discussing it with friends and exploring potential events and outcomes.

I was also completely convinced that everyone in Jordan Planet and iToot and the few select bloggers -- of whom I have RSS feeds placed in my favorites, would be blogging almost exclusively about the war.

Very few are, and some are still writing about stuff that is too trivial to be mentioned in even the most boring days, when watching grass grow may be considered viable entertainment.

What is glaringly obvious (especially with Jordanian bloggers) is the near total absence of any mention of the shameful stance of our government and the Arab government in general. Its as if you have the right to speak your mind but only if you don't mention anything that matters.

Who do you think is going to say anything?!!! If the select few educated people with net connections and enough knowledge and time to actually blog choose to not say anything, who will?? Or do we really NOT care??!!

The actual position
Though the official stance of the Arab government and the Jordanian government is to act as bystanders watching the "adventure", and hang on with all its powers to Israeli-Arab friendships like it was the source of life and all that is good in this world, the actual stance of the Arab people is that this friendship is too insignificant in the face of bombing innocent children, and such actions are unacceptable under any circumstances and are most definitely friendship annulling actions!

The acts of bombing our Lebanese brothers in religion and in blood are considered acts of war and are reason enough to go to a regional war.

In Jordan we've proven that we do not seek war, and I believe this is a sentiment shared by all Muslims and Arabs, but there is a time when you say enough is enough, and I say if not now then when??!! Have we lost all feeling of self worth and dignity?

Probably driving too fast

Probably driving too fast
Probably driving too fast,
originally uploaded by LotusGem.
Returning to Jordan after a whole year in Doha. This was take while I was driving my car on the long long open roads of Saudi.

I drove at around the 200Km/h mark for a while, and was probably doing 160Km/h when I took this.

It is stupid to both drive this fast, and at the same time look through an SLR camera to take a photo.

In my defence, I was excited about my car since it was the first time I get to drive it this fast, and I was excited about my Camera since I only had it for two months and it was brilliant. So there.

License Parenting!

As I was driving back home from a long day at work and running around town, I was hoping for a peaceful drive home and a peaceful and quiet night, but I knew I was not very lucky that day.

In the cross roads near my home, a car accident was slowing traffic. It was a white Lancer with a damaged front that didn't look like it was going anywhere.

Now you are assuming that the traffic jam and the disgust induced by watching a fine piece of engineering-hardwork destroyed, you would assume that this bothered me, but you would be wrong.

The driver was standing outside the car cleaning his son's bloody face with a piece of tissue, who was seated on the backside of the car. The son's face was smeared in blood and seems to have injured some part of his face. This is a horrible sight, especially if you have children. There was no car seat!

But it wasn't that which saddened me and made me unable to swallow the lump in my throat. It was what the kid was doing. He wasn't screaming, crying, weeping or even whimpering. He was just sitting there conscious, looking at his father with a guilty look on his face.

It was as if he felt he was responsible for the horrible unfamiliar noises and the sudden reaction of his whole world to that noise. As if he had did something horrible and ended up injuring himself, and that's a bad feeling for a 4 year old and a very unnatural reaction.

Now the father was more concerned with the scar on his boy's face than the scar in the boy's heart. I had conflicting feelings at the moment. Do I tell him to get a car seat, or tell him to get a f***Inc clue!!!

Parenting should be licensed!!!

خمسة قيم أساسية و مستقبل حكومة البخيت

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