Know if you don't and remember if you've forgotten

I should make this clear.

I make a separation between Jews and Zionists. I have no hard feelings for jews, in fact, I wish they would repent and take the rightous path. With Zionists however there's a different story.

What I want to show here is how the Zionist agenda is being pushed in the world through the US, and how that is actually being implemented on the ground.

The process

Hollywood result (1 of many)

Update !!

Beautiful recition of Ya Seen

Salam all,

Listen to the sweet sound of this kid reciting verses 1 through 12 of surat "Ya-seen" of the holy Quran.

English translation is below.

Go here for english translation.

The asian games in Doha

I went with the family to watch some events in the Doha 2006 Asian games that was opened last Friday.

It was a great day and the organization is amazing. I mean you can really tell that they spent money and effort on the facilities and the staff.

Everyone, from security to guides to ticketing to everyone were doing a great job. Greeting with a smile and offering precise help.

The events themselves were typical Olympic style competition that keeps you on the edge of your seat if you could understand what was gonig on.

Here are a few photo's from the trip.

Sari and Yelsmin
Sari and Yelsmin infront of the Astrolab and the tourch

Games of your life
Games of your life

Streets near the Khalifa Stadium
From the street

I need your help guys, who is this?

Who sings this?

If you know or may have any idea, please comment below or drop me a line at

powered by ODEO

Here's what I know so far.
This is a Chechen guy from Jordan. He was once on top of the charts on Yahoo. Here is one more song he made:

powered by ODEO

I still need his first name and what other songs he may have. His email would be very good too.

Battlefield 2 : Modern Combat

On my XBOX360 "Battlefield 2: Modern Combat" lags like crazy most of the time. When it is not lagging, I am all over the place, and on top of the scoreboard, when it is lagging, I am usually at 1:5 kill to death ratio, which sucks.

Changing the ISP is no option for me at the moment, since in Qatar we only have one ISP. I am sure this will change soon, as HRH Prince Hamad issued a law to stop the QTel monopoly and allow another company into the country.

Hopefully with the new ISP, I will be able to get a lag free stream of communication. Meanwhile, I am not playing BF2:MC except with friends who also reside behind the QTel proxy.

Nine eleven

In Jordan we write the date in the format DD/MM/YYYY. Today is nine eleven 2006.

It was about this time a year ago that the Amman bombings took place.

Before Mr. Bush decided to launch his crusading "war on terror", the word zarqawi meant a guy from Zarqa. So thank you Mr. Bush!

Om il 3aroos

I've been back in Qatar for 5 days now and I still cannot settle down. I am always busy and yet don't seem to really be doing anything, like om il 3aroos (a bride's mother).

Before I left to Jordan I had bought a few things for the XBOX360, one of them was Kameo, a family game mainly for Yelsmin. By the time I got back to Qatar, it had already arrived, add to that a few free games that came with XBOX Live Vision and the Vision itself.

I also had to install a fresh Windows XP on my desktop machine at home because I had what appears to be a pirated copy.

Plus a large number of niggles that I had to sort out. So it's been hectic, .... but not quite so.

I am blogging this from work, where it is also the same kind of situation. Hoping to have our priorities sorted out so we can proceed with a number of projects to keep us busy for real.

Back from Jordan

Finally back to my cosy home in Qatar after spending 10 days in Jordan.

During that time:
  • My brother got married
  • My parents moved into the new place
  • Met a lot of old friends
  • Met my wife's sister's husband who I haven't seen for over 2 years now

Eventful and tiring, but I had a great time.

Expect a lot of photos soon.

Giving 110%

This sentence has always bothered me.

By definition 100% is THE MOST you can give. The word by defition means that when someone asks define "100% of your effort" you would reply "It means the MOST you effort you can give".

If you wanted to measure your effort in points and say you ended up with 5000 as the most effort you can produce, and then in a game or underpressure you gave 5500, it does NOT mean you gave 110%, it means you mis calculated your effort and the number 5000 was infact 90.9% of your actual effort and the 5500 is the 100%.

The rumor mill

I a new situation in my workplace occurred Thursday morning. I cannot discuss the details. But its the kind of situation where some people thrive in as they enjoy spreading the lies the they make in the form of rumors.

To them of course its just a mechanism whereby they can gather pieces of information from people. They would tell you a complete lie that they just made up in hopes that you would respond with some relevant information that was not previously known.

What they do not know however, is that some other people of their same sort would take those lies unknowingly and add some lip service into another crowd. Before you know it, the original source receives new information that is in reality their original lie deformed and updated by way of more lies and misinformation.

Everyone seems to have all on a reliable source. From now on, I will only listen to unreliable sources!

Stupid Vista broke my XP

I installed Vista RC1 on a separate drive in my machine that I use mainly for OS trials. All of my Linux distros, WinXP MCE and Vista trials go there.

When I logged into the pretty Vista and looked in "Computer". I found the drive that holds my Windows XP installation (my main OS) was empty, all 114GBs of it. Stupid Vista!

موعد في المدينة -- عمر الفرا

This is my way of responding to Tags. I will not directly answer a tag, but I will provide some interesting read and I will reference the person who sent the tag who is in this case TeaLover in this comment.

قصيدة للشاعر العبقري عمر الفرا

وبقيت منتظرا متلفتا قلقا
قد فات موعدها
وعقارب الساعه، تمشي على مهل
واقول في صمتي
هل من هنا تأتي ام من هنا تاتي
ولعلها نسيت
ولعلها شغلت
ولربما سخرت مني بموعدها
ولربما قصدت غدرا ولن تأتي
هل من هنا تأتي ام من هنا تأتي؟

ولمحتها والقلب جن وطار بي
هل ممكن ان لا تجيء لموعدي؟
يا ايها العقل الغبي؟!!
كم كان ظني سيئا
سأضمها وبلا عتاب. هل ها هنا وقت العتاب؟
سأذوب في احدابها
سأموت في اشواقها
فلقد يأست من الحياة بدونها
ولقد يأست من الغياب

وأفقت من حلمي!
لا، لاأظن، بل ممكن! لا مستحيل!
هل يهرب الإنسان من مقدوره؟
يا خيبتي، ليست هي!

وقفت بقربي ترقب المجهول مثلي
وتلفتت وتأوهت
والساعة الكسلى تمشي على مهل
مثلي انا، في وقفتي، في حسرتي
في لهفتي وتلفتي
وأظنها كانت تقول بسرها
هل من هنا يأتي، ام من هنا يأتي؟

How do you center? (I)

Difficult red

First off, this picture has nothing to do with the article, I just like it and thought you would like it too. Plus, the article is a little dry, so this should make it easier to bear.

I've always had a great deal of concern on this idea: "Does absolute right exist?" and if it does, how do you find it?

These questions always plagued me for as long as I can remember, and I know the events in my life that made me think about these things. By now, I've come up with my own theory regarding this, but let me first share the problem.

Ask any two people about their idea of right and wrong and you are more than likely to get two minimially overlapping answers, the common part being about general concepts of good, and morality and fairness. Get down to details and you start seeing even those overlapping ideas interpreted in differnet ways.

It gets more complex when you get to implementation detail of things that touch daily life of people in general.

A good example would be the issue of legistlating dress code in public places. You get liberals who say that dress code should be left to people to decide and each individual should be allowed to be vieled/unvieled wear tight/baggy clothes ...etc.

Sounds good. But what about people who would decide on going nude in public? Is it still their choice? If it is, then what about the people who get offended by that, and choose for themselves and their children a clothing line with more "coverage"? Is it their problem? Wouldn't that be unfair, or are they being unreasonable? If they are infact being reasonable for some universal rule of decency or offense, then how decent is decent? And how short a skurt (if short at all) before it becomes offensive?

Same question goes to the other group of liberals who would say from the start that legistlation sould be put to basically guarantee the satisfaction of the majority and avoid potentially "offensive" clothing. Democracy basically. Does it being democratic make it right?

On an opposite side, another group would be quick to detail neccesary clothing for men and women based on traditions, fashion or religion (not that I am comparing, I am a devout Muslim and realize that religion is at a higher level of authority and correctness).

And that's just one side of one issue. The Same argument applies to so many aspects of our lives, including morals and laws governing sexual liberty, gay rights, business transactions ... etc. Anything that two people can see from more than one angle.

On another layer, you would get religion, and again whats the right one? (again, I'm a Muslim by birth and choice, this is just me contemplating). With so many religions and cults and thought groups trying to pull you in everywhich way. How do you decide on whats right? This also includes the relgion of "No religion", whose followers are especially interesting because of the paradox that is at the core of their belief, athiesm and no miracles, and yet they believe something so amazingly impossible to believe that we are all here as a result of an accident that evolved ??? I digress, back to the subject.

People within the same religion group have also subgroups of religion and are always looking at people in the same groups as "not doing it the right way" or something else to that end.

Within those groups, you can witness hours of debate between people who are self-appointed experts on issues of the religion. Both of course quoting the holybook and other religious literature, for Muslims that would be Quram, Sunnah and knowledge about al Mathahib. Both self-appointed experts claiming to know exactly what the absolute "truth" is, and/or they know how to get there.

If you are not born with it written in your head, or revealed to you at somepoint in your life, how do you know you're on this right way or believe the absolute truth? is there a right way or an absolute truth?

I've lived the better part of concious life wondering about this, and how I dealt with this is what made me what I am, and for that epiphany, I am thankful.

To be continued in part II ....

Abdoun Bridge?

Is this called Abdoun Bridge?

I was surprised by the look of dowwar 3abdoun when I got there. It was the first time I see it empty and construction-ee like.

I found my self back in 2000, the trials of driving round and round the dowwar hoplessly trying to figure out the point why people do it. I could never do it, nor get it. I would eventually end up confused and a little nauseous from all the twirling, and sitting a coffee shop paying waaay too much for a double turkish.

*Why do people do that?* Neither myself nor a friend (AbuShreek) could tell, really.

Now about the bridge, I imagine it would be great once finished, and would take some load off of the 5th. I wonder if it would be finished by the time I go to Amman next summer.

More photos here

Death trap

Quick post here out of shear frustration and surprise.

A major intersection here in Doha near the Toyota tower was partially closed for a while as they were rennovating the roads. It was opened finally about 20 days ago with brand new roads that make you feel you are driving on roads of marble.

Today while crossing the traffic light going from Corniche road towards the C-Ring road doing about 80Kms, I was horrified by the sudden appearance of a manhole extruded about 15cms above the surface of the new road *think trunk of a cut down tree sticking out of the road*.

It is accurately placed infront of the right wheel of cars driving on the right lane. Needless to say, running into it produced a horrible bashing sound that is closer to an accident than a bump in the road.

Just to think I was going to buy the Honda Jazz a few days ago. I am sure at that speed in that small a car (Honda or other make) would've caused more than an unpleasant accoustic experience.

It could kill someone, and just to think this was a road recently signed off by some project manager as good and ready for public use.

What comes to mind now is memories of conversations I used to have about how extremely long roads take to be finished and how that is justified/balanced by how high the quality of the resulting work is.

This one took a long time, and was released with what can only be described as a death trap, an accident waiting to happen, an overhyped media scandal of a poor quality contract.

I really like Qatar, and I would hate to see this kind of thing become a regular item, especially with the flood of visitors expected in the few coming months for the Doha Asian Games 2006.

I am going to report this to whoever I find in Ash'3al on Monday, and I ask everyone in Doha who reads this to go take a look at it (and avoid it) and report it.

النفاق القومي

يا اخي يعني ايش قلة هالحيا؟

طول النهار والليل هالشله قاعدين بيعيطو من القمع والاضطهاد وانهم مش قادرين يحكو رأيهم من ورا هالديموقراطية المزيفة والظائعة بالظاء.

ولما بيجي واحد معهوش خبر بالنفاق اللي هم فيه و بيحكي رأي غير رأي هالشلة، اللي من الواضح انو رأي منزل، بتقوم القيامة وما بتقعد؟! وبيقسمو حالهم واحد متنبي وواحد فرزدق ووحدة تخصص تقيس الرجولة وتقييم انتماءات وغيره وغيره وغيره!

طيب ولكو ما لما عندكو هالمراجل وين بتروح وقت الشغل؟ ليش ماحدا بحكي مع النواب والوزرا غير عالواسطه وشغللنا هالولد؟ وين بتطير هاللسانات المدلدلة وهالعبارات المكوية؟ ليش بعدنا هيك؟

بس الصحيح انكم -واحد يقول للثاني- "غنم"، يعني بتسمعلهم صوت مثاغاه بس وقت الجد كلهم

طيب مش فاهم انا لما هذول قاعدين بيكتبو اللي بدهم اياه، بالطريقة اللي بدهم اياها وبالمكان اللي بدهم اياه وبقلة الحياء وقلة الادب اللي هم فيها، ليش بشكو من القمع؟!

والادهى كمان، لما زعلانين من الاضطهاد والقمع و بتحكو انكو بتآمنو بالديموقراطية وحرية الرأي، حلوا عني خلوني احكي

ولما الواحد بيقمع غيره في نفس المكان اللي بشتكي وبيتبكبك فيه من القمع بيكون منافق ومستاهل للقمع والشلاليت! فالله لا يرده وينزع صباحه دنيا وآخرة!

Civilization East and West

This is an interesting read. A bit of history first, person A is travelling to Canada, person B says "Bring back some civilization", Person C says "Yeah, some fake civilization". Person B writes the following:

I'm not really sure where you have lived in the past,
nor how long it's been since you've experienced life in the middle east
north america.

I think you have misinterpreted my
statement about
civilisation, I wasn't really talking about civilisation in
the global sense,
which encompasses foreign affairs, wars, politics and so
on. What I was
referring to is the basic, fundamental principles of
civilisation that has been
known to man since the invention of the wheel. To
be more specific:

  • Understanding the concept of waiting in line
  • Attempting to be punctual, it's nice and dandy to own a
    $15,000 watch, but it would also be nice to learn how to use it sometimes.
  • Making a simple effort to meet promises and commitments,
    living by the old saying "a man's word"
  • Being open to the idea that reading a book is not a
    waste of time, which will ultimately lead to the great idea of actually having a
    public library to take books out and read (what a concept!)
  • Realizing that spending 14 million Riyals (over $4
    million) on a "moumayaz" phone number is a bit unreasonable and is not such a
    great achievemt.
    knowing that it is not mandatory to have a maid, driver and
    cook per every household resident, and that some people actually serve
    themselves with their own hands!
  • Smiling will not shorten your life.
  • Customer Service: you can actually get something as
    complicated as a phone line at your house without having to speak to the
    company's CEO and threaten to throw a revolution and then wait aything between a
    month and 2 years to get the service is possible
  • building a few towers and a flashy mall does not
    constitute "advancement, prosperity and the ultimate in

I can go on and on, but I think I have made myself clear.
I can litterally write a memoir of a couple of hundred pages of my limited
experince in Qatar during the last 2+ years of where I have questioned if
civilisation has reached this part of the world yet.

As you can
see, you have touched on a pretty sensitive issue with me, and I can not really
accept people denying that we're so far behind and not admitting that there's
better ways to do things, cause that's how we will stagnate and things will
remain status quo, as it's been for the past who knows how long.

I'm also a believer that we should lead by example and not just
criticize, but believe me it is not easy convincing people that throwing soda
cans out of the car window is wrong. (Why is it wrong? that's why we have
garbadge men cleaning the streets...)

Now, once we can accomplish
some of the above, we can talk about civilisation in the global sense, but until
then, let's keep working on the waiting in line concept.

note that no offence was intended to anyone.



The Replacement UN

This is my reading of some political events that happened during my conscious observation of the world in politics.

Israel and its larger twin USA managed together to anger enough countries and people to allow for an alternate UN.

Just looking at the level of meek submissiveness that the UN is in at the moment, and sighting the ineffectiveness and uselessness of it in the face of the current US/Israeli attack on Lebanon, and on the other hand the speed and efficiency of its move against the Iranian nuclear program. It becomes very clear that the UN is just a tool used to drive the US/Israeli agenda in the world.

The power of the UN comes from the legitimacy given to it by countries of the world that subscribe to that model. If enough key countries withdraw from the UN and form a new alliance called FUN (Functioning United Nations) it could restore some political balance in powers.

I suggest this FUN be lead by China or Russia and have a number of members that include the countries of the former UN that are at a deliberate disadvantage like Palestine, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Saudi, Egypt, Korea N ... etc.

This way at least, when the UN meets on any random purpose the outcome would be predetermined by design rather than by expectation. For instance, we no longer have to think of UN as the United Nations, but as the US/Israeli axis of the devil and therefore, all decisions, meetings, condemnations, drafts and resolution from that point on can be published years ahead of time instead of just deciding them and waiting for the right time to publish.

This of course renders it illegitimate and useless, as it is in fact. In other words, United Nations minus Functioning United Nations (UN-FUN) = -F (minus Functioning) which can in other words be described as Dysfunctional.

I call for FUN and the Dysfunctional to be put forward to the states of the world for debate and prompt decision.

Who is to blame?

I was having a conversation tonight during the sahrah at a friend's house about the validity of the position that the Government of Jordan has taken regarding the War on Lebanon.

A comment was made during that conversation that sparked a thought.

Who is to blame?

My friend said that the Jordanian people don't follow rules and get politically carried away easily and as a result should not be allowed to demonstrate and should be controlled *these words are me putting politely*.

When I look around, the people of Jordan do behave rather impolitely towards each other and do not obey the rules.

And the question here is who is to blame?

We are certainly not stupid by evidence of the academic achievements and intuitive solutions made by Jordanian companies and Jordanian students ...etc. So IQ is not really it.

I blame both the people and the government.

I blame the government because the law doesn't seem to apply to everyone, and not all of the law is applied.

To explain this, here is an example. You are driving down to dowwar il waha, and find your self waiting there for a while because its congested as usual. The policeman is standing right there, and people are jumping right into the traffic inside the roundabout without paying any attention to traffic priority let alone give way. And the police man is right there.

What happens there, besides the fact that the roundabout gets needlessly congested, is that the policeman is giving the wrong message to the public, and that message is "You should only follow the rules that you could get a ticket for".

This results in exactly that, people disregarding any rules of safety and mutual respect between drivers and only follow the rules for speed limit and wearing the seatbelt (only when they can see the police man).

I blame the people also for not following the rules. I mean you don't have to break the rules just because no one is watching or you know you will not be caught. What's more, is that even without those rules existing, where the *fireworks* did decency and respect go?? Why do you have to drive like a behind?

Of course, you can take this example and apply to various sector's in our daily lives.

And there seems to be a general consensus on the stupid stupid cliche of a saying "Rules are made to be broken" .... I mean WHAT THE!!??? NO rules are made to followed, not broken. I can't think of anything that actually gets made to be broken, except for may be plates in a greek wedding. Why is no one picking up on this??

The result of this chaos is not order as some other cliche claims. Its more chaos. If the respecful, respecting and law abiding citizen keep seeing everyone getting there way by not obeying the law or following the rules, it will accumulate to a point where this citizen would need to break the law just to get things done.

I call on all Jordanian people. Please, if you really need to break a law, be it at your work, or in the mall or while driving your car, please oh please just break a law that doesn't affect others. Speed in a road where only you are driving, get a wasta for something that doesn't need one, or taken barteel from and to yourself.

And the government. If you don't want to enforce the rules don't make them. A law without enforcement is totally useless. By not enforcing the law, you are responsible for thousands of people who are breaking the law because they just want to get by. Or as Dr. Phill would put it, you are enabling thier failure.

What is wrong with everyone?

I am new to the blogging communities like toot and Jordan planet. I need you all to tell me if that's "normal".

I traveled to Amman about 10 days ago and as I am staying in temp places, I couldn't find a steady net connection and was out of touch for a while.

I was completely convinced that everyone was like me and the people around me. Meaning, tuned-in to news channels all day, watching the news and discussing it with friends and exploring potential events and outcomes.

I was also completely convinced that everyone in Jordan Planet and iToot and the few select bloggers -- of whom I have RSS feeds placed in my favorites, would be blogging almost exclusively about the war.

Very few are, and some are still writing about stuff that is too trivial to be mentioned in even the most boring days, when watching grass grow may be considered viable entertainment.

What is glaringly obvious (especially with Jordanian bloggers) is the near total absence of any mention of the shameful stance of our government and the Arab government in general. Its as if you have the right to speak your mind but only if you don't mention anything that matters.

Who do you think is going to say anything?!!! If the select few educated people with net connections and enough knowledge and time to actually blog choose to not say anything, who will?? Or do we really NOT care??!!

The actual position
Though the official stance of the Arab government and the Jordanian government is to act as bystanders watching the "adventure", and hang on with all its powers to Israeli-Arab friendships like it was the source of life and all that is good in this world, the actual stance of the Arab people is that this friendship is too insignificant in the face of bombing innocent children, and such actions are unacceptable under any circumstances and are most definitely friendship annulling actions!

The acts of bombing our Lebanese brothers in religion and in blood are considered acts of war and are reason enough to go to a regional war.

In Jordan we've proven that we do not seek war, and I believe this is a sentiment shared by all Muslims and Arabs, but there is a time when you say enough is enough, and I say if not now then when??!! Have we lost all feeling of self worth and dignity?

Probably driving too fast

Probably driving too fast
Probably driving too fast,
originally uploaded by LotusGem.
Returning to Jordan after a whole year in Doha. This was take while I was driving my car on the long long open roads of Saudi.

I drove at around the 200Km/h mark for a while, and was probably doing 160Km/h when I took this.

It is stupid to both drive this fast, and at the same time look through an SLR camera to take a photo.

In my defence, I was excited about my car since it was the first time I get to drive it this fast, and I was excited about my Camera since I only had it for two months and it was brilliant. So there.

License Parenting!

As I was driving back home from a long day at work and running around town, I was hoping for a peaceful drive home and a peaceful and quiet night, but I knew I was not very lucky that day.

In the cross roads near my home, a car accident was slowing traffic. It was a white Lancer with a damaged front that didn't look like it was going anywhere.

Now you are assuming that the traffic jam and the disgust induced by watching a fine piece of engineering-hardwork destroyed, you would assume that this bothered me, but you would be wrong.

The driver was standing outside the car cleaning his son's bloody face with a piece of tissue, who was seated on the backside of the car. The son's face was smeared in blood and seems to have injured some part of his face. This is a horrible sight, especially if you have children. There was no car seat!

But it wasn't that which saddened me and made me unable to swallow the lump in my throat. It was what the kid was doing. He wasn't screaming, crying, weeping or even whimpering. He was just sitting there conscious, looking at his father with a guilty look on his face.

It was as if he felt he was responsible for the horrible unfamiliar noises and the sudden reaction of his whole world to that noise. As if he had did something horrible and ended up injuring himself, and that's a bad feeling for a 4 year old and a very unnatural reaction.

Now the father was more concerned with the scar on his boy's face than the scar in the boy's heart. I had conflicting feelings at the moment. Do I tell him to get a car seat, or tell him to get a f***Inc clue!!!

Parenting should be licensed!!!


I love my time with the World Cup 06. I always have a 7up in my hand. I always keep one half full on the table as an ash tray.

Thing is, when you are watching a game like BRA vs. GHA. You don't really remember which is which.

The Jordanian/Arab detachment from reality

There are two huge gaps between the general Jordanian population and reality.

First, there's the lack of understanding the concept of economy. The economy is good if you figure out how to make money, not the other way around.

I believe the misunderstanding comes from people following the media covering "the economy" as if it were an entity with a mind of its own.

As a result you find people hoping for the economy to become better and not really knowing that the economy is at the end the accumulative sum of the money we all made. (Well, more or less).

Consequently, you are not really motivated to get off your comfy chair and actually do something, because "the economy is bad".

The other gap is in the understanding of the relationship between the citizen and the government.

It comes a result of a long history of oppression and ignorance. The understanding seems to be that the government is the entity that controls everything and everyone, and citizens are obliged to fear and follow the wishes and commands of this rigid and unforgiving government.

The reality of it is that the relationship between the citizen and the government follows a strict set of rules called "Laws". The people in the government have no power unto themselves and can only (as you do) follow/implement the law.

As a result of this misunderstanding, you find the typical Jordanian complaining about the performance of the government and the unfair, yet when the time comes to vote for the parliament, he/she would go and vote for the closest relative, or the one sharing the closes origins, regardless of qualifications or ethics.

The parliament will monitor the performance of the government, and will create, modify or remove laws in accordance with the constitution.

If you vote for a corrupt or an under qualified to go into the parliament, then you chose a corrupt or an under qualified to monitor your government and make new laws. (Stupid vote, no?)

Voting clichés aside. That is what it all comes down to.

To watch or not to watch? FIFA World Cup.

Why is the world cup so important? What's the frenzy all about?

I'll tell you why. Since its a complicated issue, I will start at the start.

At first, you grow up observing the older men in your family watching the world cup and reacting with extravagant enthusiasm to 22 men in two colors running around kicking just one ball.

As a child who is accustomed to regarding those men with respect as wise elders who are at the very least sane, the occasional and sudden outburst of insanity, rabid rants and near foaming in the mouth (though temporary) is so shocking that it burns forever deep with-in your consciousness and beyond reasoning, that this thing is so important it nears being sacred.

And then come the layers.

At layer 1, you get that you are rooting for a team to win. Winning is attained by driving the ball through one square, but not the other.

You also get that there is shouting and jumping, or cursing and sadness. Depending on which square has the ball. Btw, the single person wearing a different color and running around whistle happy is totally irrelevant. You find you cannot root for him.

At layer 2, you understand teams, and score, and rules.

Layer 3, you understand offside. It commands its own layer because there is so much heartache when you first see your team lose a goal because of the bleeding offside.

Layer 4, you get tactics and strategies, and impact of injuries and of attacking too early in a game, and the balance between revealing your game plan vs the need to win in stage 1 games.

Layer 5, you are now comfortable with the game and behave exactly like the lunatic you are, and feel you've come of age and finally belong. You are insane only when it is proper, and you play your role in burning the world cup into the new comer children and in effect, fulfilling your purpose in life.

Layer 6, you see the countries and cultures, and sportsmanship and achievement and the underlying sentimental value and social impact of the world cup. And you fall in love with the game.

If you love football/soccer. You probably shouldn't read the following.

Layer greed. Its all about the money. I remember when I first realized after connecting the dots that what the dots made was a dollar sign. The world cup is an organism that wants to see the money.

I am sad to say that behind the scenes, thats what it all comes down to. And while at some level, some people do believe in international competition and sportsmanship, the majority of the players/coaches/staff are all about the money.

When you see a player on the verge of braking down in blubbery sob after losing a game, you should realize that it is because he is worried about his market value and how that would affect his new restaurant chain business.

I long to the days when I could still see athletes competing in country-theme-colored uniforms, when I could still share their pride of achievement and sorrow of failure. But those days are long gone.

All I see now is business men running around in business suits calculating the bottom line behind each pass, shot and tackle.

I must say though that there lapses, where you forget about it, and start seeing a blur of uniforms and athletes and feel happy again. But that doesnt last long, because the second you start feeling that way, you are bombarded with a steady stream of commercals before and after the game and during the half time break.

Those commercials are designed for the soul purpose of making you feel insecure about everything in your life and then showing you the solution to make your life complete (but there is a little fee involved). But that's a whole different can of worms.

And just in case you can still muster up enough positivie attitude to actual enjoy the game. ART Steps in to ruin it for you.

ART introduces the annoying and vulgurizing new financial aspect of the world cup to your living room and your pocket. The greed has surpassed royalties, advertisement and player market value, and has now fixated on the last frontier. Your pocket.

Its got to a point where its no longer a matter of argument or opinion. There is no longer a need to sugarcote it to the public. It is blatantly and unapologetically a financial transaction now. If you have the money you get the smiley face and semi-white teeth in your living room. And if you don't, well, tough.

The funny thing is that you hear the comentator higlighting that ART is bringing the match to us. Well the match was coming to us anyways, but ART stopped it you ignorant noise box.

As a result of all this, I have reached a conclusion, and I've decided to do it. It is something I never though I would do.

..... I need a minute ..... HERE GOES!

I am boycotting the world cup.

I am boycotting ART and every channel that has purchased monopolistic rights to your enjoyment.

I will no longer partake in the frenzy, or shout-spit-spatter the TV. I will no longer allow ART or any other company into my pocket, and I will no longer have a score sheet hanging on the whiteboard in my office, and no longer will my colleagues have to step in and attemp to make small talk on "how thing are going with the world cup".

So there, I've said it. Farewell world cup, fare!Well ART and God bless you all.


*who am I kidding* *GO BRAZIL!!!*

May be 2010 will be better.

For music lovers

Top 5 music/songs that both my daughter and I love:
  • Urami Bushi - Meiko Kaji
  • El Bos6a - Fairooz
  • Tania (Enemy at the gates ) - James Horner
  • Ya Ossas - Julia
And Finally and most beauitfully
  • Just the Two of Us - Grover Washington, Jr. & Bill Withers
She actually makes me sing the song and she takes the chorus.

Never say never

Never say never
Never say never,
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I am a very fortunate person.

I have everything I ever really wanted in life.

I've been protected from my own foolishness more times than I care to admit.

I've been blessed with tenasity and focus. There isn't a thing I couldn't learn.

I have only God (in Arabic Allah) to thank.

خمسة قيم أساسية و مستقبل حكومة البخيت

بعد قراءة هذا المقال المنشور في عمون  يبدو لي للأسف أن رئيس الوزراء مستمر في سياسات الحكومة الخاطئة ومنجر وراء الحاجة لارضاء الراي العام بدل...