Israeli land incursion into Gaza of Palestine imminent

I say let them. Its been more than two years since they got their behind handed to them.

They ran away from the North, and now bullying the South. They will soon realize who stupid this decision is.

الله يعزك يا غزة

A modern day holocaust

This is not a blog post. It is not an entertainment piece or an opinion piece. It is not a product review, or best of 2008.

This is a piece to bear witness, an article of evidence that you will read and understand and then make a choice. This is so you could not claim ignorance.

Yesterday, 27th of December 2008. American airplanes bought for Israel with American money, were flown over crowded locations over the Gaza strip of Palestine and carried out a massacre against helpless people in their own open-air prison.

Hundreds killed, maimed, orphaned and burned alive. The word Holocaust comes to mind. 

The official statement from Israel, and the general media push is that Hamas is the target, as if Hamas is a discrete round target in a shooting range that you can safely shoot and leave when you are done.

For those who do not know Gaza, please take a look. It is so crowded, you couldn't sneeze there without spraying a few people, let alone target a Hamas member with a bomb that takes two blocks at a time.

The truth is that Israel is waging a war against the resistance. The Palestinian resistance. A resistance that has been there since 1948 before there was Hamas and before there was PLO, a resistance that will continue to be, as long as the land of Palestine is under occupation.

So far, the bombing killed 228 people. All with bombs and collapsing buildings. Note that this bombing started while school children are in schools and the parent's are scrambling to get the children back home or flee. The streets crowded with cars, schools crowded with children, and Israel would have us believe that their Bombs are landing on Hamas.

Thinking back to the American war on Afghanistan, and the latest American war on Iraq. And the unexpectedly large number of friendly fire casualties. I tend to not believe that somehow Israeli bombs are that selective. I don't buy that the same American bombs that were falling on friendly targets in Iraq and Afghanistan are so selective today as to kill Hamas members only, in a city more crowded on a normal day than a toy store on Eid morning.

A mosque was targeted and bombed this morning. A mosque is a holy place of worship that holds utmost respect with all Muslims everywhere. Muslims do not go into it wearing shoes. They would not speak loudly while inside it. It is not a place of war, and the Islamic disposed Hamas certainly knows it. 

Israel claims the mosque was being used for storing weapons. As if there were weapons to store to begin with. Note that Israel has been claiming that Hamas has been burrowing tunnels miles under the ground between Palestine and Egypt to smuggle weapons. And we've all seen the cow they smuggled in those tunnels which may be an atomic cow -- but I digress. 

Israel would have us believe that the people who are burrowing these miles long tunnels, are using a Mosque (in a hospital by the way) to store weapons. Instead of somewhere underground or in a tool shed in a more accessible and less public place than a mosque in a hospital. Think about it. Given the choice, assuming you have one, would you store your stash in an underground secret location or a publicly accessible by everyone place of holy worship to God.

So that's the situation with the official Israel. One of continued American sponsored terrorism and slaughter of civilians backed by a strong spin team and an ignorant world.

What about Israel the people?

While I acknowledge that some Israelis are aware of the lies and outright terrorism of their government, I also acknowledge that those people forma minority if anything at all. 

In Jaffa, which is at the heart of Israeli controlled territory near Tel-Aviv the capital of the occupying army, a mosque was daubed with 'Mohammed is a pig,'  and 'Death to Arabs'. Clearly not the doing of the Israeli army. People of Israel did this. People who decided to go out and do it, and make public their hatred to Islam and Arabs.

Meanwhile, the world is watching a month by month review of 2008, best bloopers of 2008 and Geraldo at large.

And it goes on, with Morons calling for issuing statements and arguing about semantics. I am sure those brand new orphans will thank you for that piece of paper.

By the way, between the time I started writing this, and now nearly 50 more people died and hundreds others injured and made homeless. 

If this -- people unarmed, surrounded with an impenetrable wall, being bombed with million dollar weapons with no where to run or hide --  is not terrorism. If this is not holocaust, nothing else is!

What's happeing in Gaza is this

Israel is using American weapons bought with American loans to bomb from the sky school children running around in the streets and their parents -- also running around in the streets. 

The children are guilty, of course, of throwing stones AND guilty that some 5 people made a pipe that directs metal balls with gun poweder attached to its end, that they built in their toolshed. Catapolting watermealons may be more effective, but still. There's gun poweder involved. Must bomb the children.

Here is my message to Arab leaders and the Palestinians: "Save your breath". The world does not hear you. The world will not come to rescue you. 

Palestine is a country under occupation by Israel, the most over armed gang in the history of the world. And that is it! The only thing to do is fight it. Its the only thing we can do.

Alternatively, we can just sit there and accept it becoming one of the many people in history that welcomed its aggressor and accepted is invaders. UNLIKLEY! 

اكلت يوم اكل الثور الابيض

Here we go again. I wonder who is next?

Photo of Yelsmin at 7 Years

Yelsmin at 7 Years, originally uploaded by LotusGem.

Geri's chess game

A brilliant animation from Pixar.

Note the music. Reminds me a bit of ratatouille's.

Also, note a shot where you see both sides of the character in the same shot. The hand making a move in the foreground and in the background a breathless and shocked Geri.

Pic of fuzzy logic

Fuzzy Logic, originally uploaded by LotusGem.

Is it just me, or is this beautiful.

I take that back Wi-Tribe. UMAX Sucks

So I was wrong. I can see that now.

In a previous post, I had declared that Wi-tribe which I was using at the time sucked a bit. Thought Clouds - The Digital Bender: Why Wi-Tribe may not be your best bet

I can see now after nearly two months of using UMAX that Wi-Tribe, was BRILLIANT. And that it is UMAX that sucks.

With the exception of a few good sales people, and one good engineer. I have had no pleasant experience with UMAX whatsoever.

The connection was very unreliable, the signal often bad, speed never reached 1mbps except in one isolated moment, support is reluctant and rigid.

Dear Wi-Tribe, I apologize, I made a mistake. I love you and I'm coming back to you.

Why Wi-Tribe may not be your best bet - UPDATED

UPDATED - Oct 28, 2008 - Here

I've been connected through Wi-Tribe during the past month and a half. And here is the verdict:
  • Coverage in my area was good, as long as the modem was near or outside a window. I live in Al-Jubeiha Area
  • Bandwidth was near the amount I paid for but always less
  • Torrent traffic is shaped, don't expect anything above 32KB
  • After forgetting a couple of torrents uploading at full speed for a few days, I found out that I was getting around 56kbps, about the same speed a quick dial up phone connection
  • If you reach around 20GB of total upload+download in a month, you will be dropped down to 128kbps, but you will be really getting around 56kbps

On support
  • Calling support is a hit and miss deal. Meaning that you may or may not get through
  • Getting through to support is a hit and miss deal. Meaning that you may or may not get help
  • In reality, I was always shown a caring attitude but never got any results
  • One funny thing. I called to complain about the speed, and the helpful representitive said she will take it up with the techincal department and call me back. A day later she calls back to inform me about a late invoice to tell me that the account will be disconnected.

All in all, I do not recommend wi-tribe. I'm switching to UMAX at the end of the billing period.


So here I am back in Jordan, and I find my self immediately adapted to the moods of living here.

Crazy is the new definition of oil prices in Jordan. But these prices lead me to believe that Jordanians are complaining more out of habit than anything else. I mean people are still driving their cars and scooters/bikes are no where to be seen.

One positive side to this oil crisis is that my trusty old Toyota Tercel is now worth significantly more than it did 5 years ago.

Thanks be to God, it seems I am making money on everything these days. Even by accident.

I will start looking for work/job soon.

Due to a long bumpy road from Doha to Amman, my furniture is in dire need of a good carpenter. Once that is sorted out I need to sit down and think about Wi-Tribe, UMAX, Zain DSL, Orange ADSL ...etc.

Until then, I will try to keep these nuggets of blog posts coming through for my few loyal fans. (bas balash).

PS: The problem with driving in Jordan is not that traffic laws are too lenient. It's that traffic officers with the pointy helmets and the round ones, don't seem to know the laws exist. Except for speeding and not wearing a seatbelt. JUST ENFORCE THE LAW AS IT IS.

Jordan, Driving, The move, Doha,

Going dark soon


I will most probably go off the DRADIS during the next few days, and will remain off until further notice.

I will be disconnecting the comms in my HQ (house) tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Which means I will have no access to the net until I am in Jordan.

I need all of your recommendations on the best ISP in Jordan. I need:
  1. Mobile number
  2. Wireless Internet Access (3G, Wifi or WiMax???)
  3. DSL or ADSL2 or faster connection
Please let me know your opinions and recommendations on the ISPs and their performance in Jordan.

There is a need for a new way

There is a need for a way to manage what I am going through.

Normally, I manage everything with ease. Taking decisions take just a little more time than is required to gather the information. I manage projects, communicate effectively, identify and manage risks and issues. But now, I am helpless.

I am trying to move to Jordan. There are 100 interdependent issues of selling the cars, the ACs, disconnecting the services, turning the house over to the landlord, making the deal with the transportation company and finishing the packing, finishing the paper work required for the borders, canceling my residence permit, finishing the paper work with my employer ....etc.

Each of the things strung together in a specific order can make a neat time line which you can base your plans on. Complexities happen once you realize that any change to any of these tasks, means a change to most others, in terms of dependencies, probably of risk becoming an issue and time line.

How do you manage this? Work streams and WBSs are rigid and stale. This needs to be fluid and dynamic.

All I am doing now is keep all these things floating in my brain while I just run around doing the thing I feel most anxious about.

Any one can think of a better way?

Movie review: The happening

I am about to see the movie review from the Totally Rad Show guys, but before I do that I want to put on paper what I think of this movie.

This movie is retarded.

M Shamalamananihnih sucks, he should change his career to cinematography or something that is not director.

I've better performances (FAR BETTER) for the actors in other movies, and the only reason they come across overacting and stupid in my opinion is the director.

The story is primitive and immature, and feels like how a 10 yearold would tell the story.

The premise, however, is interesting, and it feels like the story telling and the direction spoiled what could've been a really good movie.

Bottom line, the movie is crap. Don't pay money for it. Just let someone tell what it is about and you will have a better experience than what they had.

PS: Go see the movie if you like watching people killing themselves.

Are cylons muslims?

So the Cylons are saying this and I quote:

  • "There is no God but God" which literally translates to لا اله الا الله
  • "There is no such thing as coincidence, God wills the universe according to his desire" which translates to لا يوجد شيء اسمه صدفه، انما يدبر الله الكون كيف يشاء
  • "There are no Gods, there is only one God" translates to لا يوجد آلهة، انما هو اله واحد

All of these themes are at the core of the Muslim faith. And the literal translation translates into verses commonly used by Muslims everyday. The first one is what you HAVE to believe as the basis for Islam.

I would assume that the writer(s) of BattleStar Galactica probably knew about this, and is(are) making Cylons talk like Muslims.

The question is why?

Recent published photo

Here is a link,
ictQatar Borchure

Go to page 2 and check the bottom left side. The whole background photo is one of mine, and I one a photo competition in Qatar a while back with this same photo.

I have a hard copy of the brochure and I must say that I could have done a better job at printing it, though the direction and design is amazing.

Here is another of your favorites.

Sheraton Roundabout

Elevator stuff

It's the little things that get to me.

Here is a bit of education. I know most of you already know that, so this is targeted to the 1% of you who do not know it and insist on using the elevators I use EVERY TIME!
  1. If you want to go up, you press up only. If you want to go down, you press down. Failure to do so gives me the right to tell you off.
  2. If you want to go into the elevator, you should wait for whoever wants to get out before you go in. Failure to do so, gives me the right to walk through you.
  3. If you want to get out of the elevator, and someone is waiting to go in, they are waiting for you to leave. Hesitation only makes you look stupid. You should leave the moment the door is open.
  4. If I am waiting in the bottom floor for the elevator, and after a long wait I find you in the elevator taking the trip down and up, looking stupid and smelly, don't be surprised if I give you the evil eye.

SCREW! LOST *Spoilers*


The Island disappears,
and people have different names,
Jack's father appears to whats his name... and says its time to go home or something as stupid as that
Hurley as playing chess with echo ...
Lock is dead, but is not really Lock.
And climactic music when John Lock finds out about the time travel capabilities of the Island. Did they forget they spent around 3 episodes of the season talking about it?!!! May be they did during the strike.

Who cares any more. WHAT IS THIS SHOW ABOUT ANYWAYS?!! I really forgot, what are we thinking about? What are we trying to figure out?!


I mean it is ALL questions now. There is nothing happening. Only more weird stuff that cannot be explained and can only more question marks.

And there are more uninteresting and insignificant twists. And many many useless fillers that we can all do without, especially when sitting through two full episodes.

But I cant stop watching. Not now.

Next season is ALL answers. HAS to be ALL answers .... now the question is no longer what is the Island, or WHEN is the Island, its now WHERE is the Island, and soon to be WHO and WHY is the Island!!

And if it indeed is ALL answers; the next seasons's answers better be good and well thought out and NOT simple.

I quit my job

The Aspire Tower, built for the Asian Games, is visible across Doha, and is now a hotel.Image via WikipediaAfter 5 years in Qatar, with career progress well below my market-aware expectations, and less the perfect living conditions. I've finally decided to go back to Jordan and end my 5 years of good-fortune-bringing presence in Qatar.

I quit my job and should be in Jordan in time for the summer, which is perfect for my fig addiction.

I had quite a few blog readers from Jordan and hope to finally link the emails and avatars to actual physical people.

If you are reading this, and you are in Jordan, you have the following tasks:
  • Start looking for a job for me
  • Make your self available for a physical meeting under my patronage*

* Ugly people and children are not welcome

A picture of

Public park in Sweileh, originally uploaded by LotusGem.

A public park in Sweileh

Why do they do that!? Baa! Baa! No Video!

I've received an invitation on flickr to join a group called "We say no to videos on flickr".

Any one else find this shocking? Why would any one oppose something like that?

Seems to me the only reason for someone to not want such a new feature on flickr is that they're rigid dinosaurs pretty much stuck in their ways and will reject anything or anyone that is new or different.

Here is a tutorial on how to solve this problem on flickr if you don't want to see the videos.
  1. You click on a flickr link that takes you to the page with the evil video on it
  2. Don't click to play the evil video on the page
  3. Problem solved. Videos, when not moving, are really only pictures
Could it be that some people are afraid they wouldn't get as much attention to their photos when there are prettier pictures that move? If so, those attention h***s need help.

What is more shocking though is that it seems the majority of people who join these groups are just sheep and cows Baaing and mooing along just because someone sent them an invitation and they feel special being "in" and belonging. So sad.

10 things TAG!!!

I don't like tags, and I do not do them. However, this one is entertaining to me. So I will make it entertaining for you too.

I will list the 10 things but some of them might not be true. Here we go:
  1. I get red-in-the-face-seething-mad at things people usually find merely annoying *such as someone not waiting in line*, and could care less about things people find seethe worthy *such as "I'm better than you" type people*. I mean, who cares??
  2. I am vocal (sometimes nasty) when letting people know that they should wait in line, or clean after themselves or drive like a human being
  3. I've never driven a car without wearing a seat belt
  4. I started driving at 9 years
  5. I wrote my first program at 10 and first game at 14
  6. I can save money like chipmunks saving nuts for winter
  7. I can spend money like there is no tomorrow (depends on the mood)
  8. I once played a 2 on 1 half court basketball game in college. And Won.
  9. I developed an online banking framework from white page to fully tested in 3 days
  10. If I have food in my hand or on my plate, don't come near it! MINE! (see point 1 for more info)
I tag the people who tagged me.

Take that Mac users!

Awesome MacBook Air Parody.

By the way, I used it the other day ( The Macbook Air ) and it gets a firm two thumbs up.

A picture of

Panorama of Doha Corniche, originally uploaded by LotusGem.

Doha corniche .

A group of 4 photos were merged together for this one gigantic one.

I am thinking this may be a very nice photo if taken around sunset.

Large size

Mercedes vs Lexus

Source: WikipediaAs a Lexus owner, I always thought people who buy Mercedes were, well, Chumps!

They are chumps in that they Multi-overpay.

They over pay for the car, as in no car should cost that much.

They overpay for the name, as in Mercedes is not what it used to be, especially in reliability.

They overpay for running cost, as in Mercedes parts are very costly the world over and running cost is way above average.

You can get a much better car from any similarly priced Lexus. Of course, I speak as a person who had the pleasure of owning a couple Lexus cars for a long time and had enough using a Mercedes to know what I am talking about.

Plus the numbers support it. TCO numbers from and reliability reports from JDPower should give a good reading.

Go here to see JDPower's ratings per brand

Check this for TCO of Merecedes S Class compared to average

I mean, if you have the money, you cannot go wrong with the Lexus LS 460. There is simply no better car.

Watch these scary robots

ABB FlexPicker Robots

You took a bank loan? YOU ARE GUILTY

I dont know how people can justify it, and by people I mean people who are Muslim, say things like "boycott American/Danish products", and act all holy and righteous.

Those people would always patronize and take the high ground, yet, you find out they are taking usury loans from banks usury banks.

I don't know how they can justify Riba? Is it possible that they do not know how sinful this is? Or may be they do but they "really needed the money to buy a 2008 car".


يقول أكرم الخلق سيدنا محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم
لعن الله آكل الربا ومؤكله وشاهديه وكاتبه
رواه أحمد، وأبو داود، والترمذي وصححه، والنسائي، وابن ماجة

A death and a birth in one week, puts blogging about Jordan in the queue

I was torn between extreme happiness and utter sorrow as my son came into this life and my father in law left this life with no more than 7 days between them.

This combo event put thing in perspective and I have hopefully taken the lesson learned and using it to better center my self in this life.

A side effect of this is that blog about Jordan day dropped from a very important event to an insignificant and short lived blimp on my radar.

Blogging on Blogger from the iPhone

I just found this out and thought it may be useful for iPhone users.

Most of us already know of the feature where you can setup an email address where you can send an email to that address and blogger would either publish it immediately or save it as a draft post for further review.

This can be found under Settings>Email>Mail-To-Blogger Address.

I found out that if you use your Yahoo email account on your iPhone as your default sending account you cannot properly post images. You will get a tag that says "img src="cid:" and blogger fails to display the image you attached.

I solved this by using gmail as my default sending account.

To do this, go to mail>sending>default account, and choose your gmail account.

From this point I could just click a photo, send it as email and add my text, hit send and I find it on my blogger.

This this post was done through sending an email in the manner described above.

iPhone epiphany

I take it back.

The iPhone is an amazing device, and is a reinvention of the telephone.

Why the sudden change of heart you ask? Well, I used one. And let me tell you, I am definitely getting one soon.

I mean the interface doesn't make you wait, it does what you want, and when you want it. Everything is easy, quick, fun and beautiful. Why cant other OSs do that? WHY MUST I HAVE TO WAIT TO GO TO PHONE?!

And why do I have to worry about rotating the screen or setting the brightness or turning off the screen when I am not using it?!!!! Get the phone to do that for you.

Am I finding my self aligned with the Apple way of thinking? Seem so.

I read this in the iPhone User Guide. And it struck me that Steve Jobs understands why I want.

Check if you can spot the epiphany-triggering-words.

iPhone User Guide excerpt

"Use the polishing cloth that came with iPhone to gently wipe the glass screen and the case.
You can also use a soft, slightly damp, lint-free cloth."

iPhone, Nuvi Phone, Android

Hmm ... I sense disturbance in the force.

This is pretty much a place holder. For the future.

I want to be able to see I told you so, or I told you so sort of.

There is something happening behind the seens, and it involves iPhone, Android and Garmin's upcoming Nuvifone. ....

Possibly others. (Dell soon?)

Fascinating crabs

Go here for the video on metacafe

I am the proverbial swiss army knife

During a recent development in one of the projects at work, I saw me -- as my friends did, in a different light.

I was all over the place. I mean networking, applications, DB, authentication, registration, even in deep detail. And was up to it.

I think this is the first time people in this work place realized my swiss-army-knifness. And it is a beautiful and welcome reminder of what I once was.

For those who don't know, I no longer have a technical title. I spend my time reviewing schedules and documents. Everyone thought I was an old timer who once had great digital bending powers but no more. Even I though that a bit.


On games and NPDs

First some background.

  1. Qwaider made the following comment on a previous post
    On a side note, have you seen the reports on games?
    WII beat everyone for December, followed by Xbox36 then PS2 and finally PS3! Looks like Sony might be losing this one if their 5 year old console STILL beats their flagship console

  2. December Console NPDs are as follows:
  • Nintendo DS - 2.47 mil
  • Wii - 1.35 mil
  • Xbox 360 - 1.26 mil
  • PlayStation 2 - 1.1 mil
  • PSP - 1.06 mil
  • PlayStation 3 - 797,600

It is quite obvious that XBOX 360 is giving the Wii a run for it's money. And that Sony is struggling with getting people to embrace their next gen PS3. And there is no reason for that to change except for one tiny thing.

Hollywood seems to have dumped HD-DVD in favor of Blu-ray, and that is guaranteed to drive up demand for the Blu-ray devices. Of which, PS3 is the most famous and sought after model.

People who have been waiting for the format wars to end are now likely to go the PS3 route and get a gaming console as a bonus on top of their Blu-ray player.

I expect that January NPDs will tell a significantly different story for PS3. And looking at MGS4 down the line as one potential juggernaut for the PS3, it is likely that we will see a tipping in the scales in favor of Sony in 2008.

That's of course unless Microsoft introduces a Blu-ray add-on to the XBOX 360. Making this add-on the most cost effective player for people about to step to HD movies.

Islam: Blind Student Reciting Qur'an

I don't know the context of this clip. But it's an excellent recitation of Al Rahman.

I wonder if nonmuslims feel the power and warmth I (we) feel when we listen to this?

Amazing Funny Kids 2008

Why the XBOX 360 is so different

Online community.

This is the big difference between the XBOX 360 and any other gaming platform. And I am not talking about being able to play with your friends online, only.

I am talking about that unique ability to turn on your XBOX 360, see who of your friends is online and what they are playing, and playing with them, or at least start voice chatting with them while you watch a movie or play another game.

Some of the best times I've had in gaming is when I could hear the bellowing screams of anguish as I crush my friends in Halo 3, or the hollow accusations of the losers as I pass them by in my lesser car blasting down a stretch of road in the Nurnburgring. "YOU ARE CHEATING!!" They would say, knowing that cheating is not possible on XBOX Live.

Add to that the availability of MSN Messenger support and you have a the full experience.

I wish more of my friends would pick up and XBOX 360 and "Jump in".


I can now go out and buy a card that can render a human that does NOT exist. Imagine what is now available for multi-billion dollar organizations.

This is called "NVIDIA's Human Head Demo"

خمسة قيم أساسية و مستقبل حكومة البخيت

بعد قراءة هذا المقال المنشور في عمون  يبدو لي للأسف أن رئيس الوزراء مستمر في سياسات الحكومة الخاطئة ومنجر وراء الحاجة لارضاء الراي العام بدل...