My days

A comment on an earlier post under the name Anonymous is the main reason for this.

The comment stated that the only thing that changes on my blog is my gamer score, and nothing else and then referenced a link for the Carpenter's Solitaire.

The sad thing is that the song applies to me completely and in every way.


So, what do I do besides gaming?
  • The family social stuff which includes visiting and hosting other families in groups and individually (family wise)
  • Friends-going-out-somewheres, which is a group of my friends all deciding on going to some random place. Where the bulk of the activity is arguing on where we want to go
  • Gaming/movie days/nights
  • Dune surfing on quad bikes and the subsequent swimming
  • Bowling nights, which has been inactive for the longest time and now slowly being replaced with Basketball nights (which reminds me -- ouch my knee).
  • Yelsmin's mandatory family outings which inevitably includes toy stores and fun parks

Add to that random events at work and the spontaneous eating out.

So I guess I am just the socially average person. Nothing more nothing less.

I am definitely not a lonely gamer with Solitaire the only gaming in town for me. In fact, its quite the opposite, gaming is a privilege that I get to indulge myself in when I can.

Arrived in Singapore

It's my second day in Singapore. I am in a starbucks drinking a hazelnut falvored Americano and enjoying this free wireless connection to the internet. All I had to do is fill a form and they gave me this. I can pay $7 (Seven US Dollars) and get 512kbps for a month.

Singapore is a beautiful place, but a little humid. It is very clean, the streets are hollywood-movie-black and people are very nicely dressed and behaved and very very friendly. Everyone is polite and considerate and quiet in a restaurant. I cannot imagine living here.

I am having trouble finding Halal food here, and I don't really like sea food. Waddya gonna do? I guess I will have to lose weight.

The place is quite diverse, though the majority of people are from Chinese origins. You find Malayans, Indians Filipinos in addition to the Chinese.

Looking around me in this Starbucks. Everyone is either reading a book or working on his laptop. And they do it even in groups. Looks like a lot of students.

The whether is always at 30c degrees with little variation. It's always humid. There is always chance for rain. Everything is always on time and just right.

I am guessing it will get insanely boring after a little while. I could never live here.

خمسة قيم أساسية و مستقبل حكومة البخيت

بعد قراءة هذا المقال المنشور في عمون  يبدو لي للأسف أن رئيس الوزراء مستمر في سياسات الحكومة الخاطئة ومنجر وراء الحاجة لارضاء الراي العام بدل...