Thursday, September 14, 2006

موعد في المدينة -- عمر الفرا

This is my way of responding to Tags. I will not directly answer a tag, but I will provide some interesting read and I will reference the person who sent the tag who is in this case TeaLover in this comment.

قصيدة للشاعر العبقري عمر الفرا

وبقيت منتظرا متلفتا قلقا
قد فات موعدها
وعقارب الساعه، تمشي على مهل
واقول في صمتي
هل من هنا تأتي ام من هنا تاتي
ولعلها نسيت
ولعلها شغلت
ولربما سخرت مني بموعدها
ولربما قصدت غدرا ولن تأتي
هل من هنا تأتي ام من هنا تأتي؟

ولمحتها والقلب جن وطار بي
هل ممكن ان لا تجيء لموعدي؟
يا ايها العقل الغبي؟!!
كم كان ظني سيئا
سأضمها وبلا عتاب. هل ها هنا وقت العتاب؟
سأذوب في احدابها
سأموت في اشواقها
فلقد يأست من الحياة بدونها
ولقد يأست من الغياب

وأفقت من حلمي!
لا، لاأظن، بل ممكن! لا مستحيل!
هل يهرب الإنسان من مقدوره؟
يا خيبتي، ليست هي!

وقفت بقربي ترقب المجهول مثلي
وتلفتت وتأوهت
والساعة الكسلى تمشي على مهل
مثلي انا، في وقفتي، في حسرتي
في لهفتي وتلفتي
وأظنها كانت تقول بسرها
هل من هنا يأتي، ام من هنا يأتي؟


  1. She is so lucky

  2. good question

  3. Well, I think they are both lucky. They can talk to each other…

  4. Yes it is Sara. I am glad you like it.

    Anonymous, I thought you meant something on a different level. But that's still funny.

  5. why do you think it is funny?

  6. Lotusgem, why do you think it is funny?

    Anonymous sounds everything but funny. S/he sounds desperate and sad; my heart goes for you Anonymous.

  7. I don’t want to spoil the sensitivity of your post. I think you have chosen a very nice poem to publish and that says a lot about your loving heart. Mr. Farra is very talented indeed.

    Please feel free to delete my comments.

  8. It seems I misread your comment.

    I saw humor in them both making the best of it and being "lucky", as if each one is saying hey at least Im not alone right.

    I don't think I will be needing to delete your comment, unless I misread your comments again. :)

  9. Sari ,,, amazingly enough .. I have READ IT now that this poem was an answer for my tag :) .. speaking of good observation skills .. hehehe looks like I get zero on those !

  10. I will learn Arabic :). can you translate this post?

  11. Maria,

    It is poetry, which can be very hard (and largely pointless) to translate. :)

    The idea is about a man who is waiting in a bus stop looking at his watch and wondering when will she come.

    The poet takes into the mind of the man and his thoughts on why she is late, and how he mistook someone to be her and his ego kicks in until he realizes his mistake.

    The man looks at the woman he mistook for his date stand next to him and he thinks she is probably thinking the same thoughts.

    Its really beautiful. The kind of thing you need to be comfortable with Arabic to appreciate.

  12. thank you.
    reading the comments, I can tell it is about love.

  13. Maher bazerbashi21/11/06 11:34 AM

    kteer 7elow

    listen to this